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What is Brand Architecture and Why it Matters

At its core, brand portfolio strategy determines the number of brands that a company’s portfolio should contain. It explains how to deploy those brands within the business and in the market. A long-term approach to growth is provided by establishing each brand’s strategic roles and including what it should contribute to the company.   An Approach […]

The Perfect Opportunity to Rethink Your Value Proposition

By now, you probably feel like you’ve read one too many articles offering ideas and guidance on how to respond to the current pandemic. However, for your brand’s long-term success, you must take some time to revisit why your value proposition—why you are in business and what customers and prospects want and need most from […]

Is Your Organization Living Up to Its Brand Purpose?

In his now-famous TED Talk, Simon Sinek delivered a simple yet powerful message: start with why. Sinek says that influential leaders work with a sense of purpose from the beginning, which allows them to inspire loyal followings.  The Genuine and Compelling Reason Your Brand Exists “Why” is a brand purpose, cause, or belief. It’s the […]

Why Do So Many Brand Extensions Fail?

One of a firm’s most valuable resources is its brand equity. Attempting to leverage this asset, an increasing number of companies are extending their brands into multiple product categories through brand extensions, trying to grow the brand beyond its core products. However, many owners of brand strategy struggle with how far they can (and should) stretch their brand’s “bounds of extendibility.”

The “What,” “Why,” “Who,” and “How” of Brand Positioning: “The How”

As highlighted in the first of this four-part series on brand positioning strategy, the most common method for defining a brand’s promise is through a customer end benefit—the “what.”  You know your brand does this when its promise answers the question, “What tangible benefit does the brand provide, presumably to its target customer?” Sometimes, however, a brand’s “what” […]

The “What,” “Why,” “Who,” and “How” of Brand Positioning Strategy: The “What”

What is brand positioning strategy? A brand positioning strategy involves creating brand associations in consumers’ minds to make them perceive your brand in a specific way. A great positioning should stand for something unique in stakeholders’ minds (differentiated). Its promise must be both realistic and believable for that brand (credible). The promise is the distinctive […]

Differentiate Your Brand to Gain a Competitive Advantage

At the heart of differentiation is your brand’s ability to develop and promote distinctive products, services, and branded experiences on a consistent basis. It’s critical to create a brand that stands out from the crowd. With Apple, you don’t just purchase a computer or a phone, with IKEA, you don’t just buy a chair or a table…

Building an Indispensable Brand

An indispensable brand is one that customers truly cannot live without. Building them should be the goal of every marketer, yet precious few manage to achieve this lofty objective. In this presentation, Mitch provides a blue print for creating and maintaining world-class, indispensable brands. From strategic positioning to digital activation, all critical aspects of brand-building […]