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Want to Create a Competitive Advantage with Brand Positioning? Start Talking More

Developing a Strategic Brand Positioning Forces Conversation Developing a strategic brand positioning requires conversation – dialogues between senior leadership and marketing, between product development and marketing, between engineering,…

Marketers Must Resume Their Roles As Leaders Through More Robust Brand Strategies

Marketers Must Rethink Some of the Basics of Brand Strategy As the primary stewards of brand-building, marketers have become complacent thanks to a convergence of factors-massive changes in technology, market structure, distribution, information,…

Guiding Principles of Brand Portfolio Strategy

This article was first published on the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) in 2017. It has been updated to reflect current information. As with every facet of business, strategy should precede and inform tactical implementation…
brand architecture tools

What is Brand Architecture and Why it Matters

At its core, brand portfolio strategy determines the number of brands that a company's portfolio should contain. It explains how to deploy those brands within the business and in the market. A long-term approach to growth is provided by establishing…

The Perfect Opportunity to Rethink Your Value Proposition

By now, you probably feel like you’ve read one too many articles offering ideas and guidance on how to respond to the current pandemic. However, for your brand's long-term success, you must take some time to revisit why your value proposition—why…
What's Your WHY?

Is Your Organization Living Up to Its Brand Purpose?

In his now-famous TED Talk, Simon Sinek delivered a simple yet powerful message: start with why. Sinek says that influential leaders work with a sense of purpose from the beginning, which allows them to inspire loyal followings.  The…
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