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The “What,” “Why,” “How,” and “Who” of Brand Positioning Strategy: The “Why”

A brand promise represents a brand’s primary point of difference. In the traditional model for brand positioning, conventional wisdom suggests the promise must be a customer benefit. This is essentially the “what” that the brand provides…

The “What,” “Why,” “Who,” and “How” of Brand Positioning Strategy: The “What”

What is brand positioning strategy? A brand positioning strategy involves creating brand associations in consumers’ minds to make them perceive your brand in a specific way. A great positioning should stand for something unique in stakeholders’…
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Differentiate Your Brand to Gain a Competitive Advantage

At the heart of differentiation is your brand’s ability to develop and promote distinctive products, services, and branded experiences on a consistent basis. It’s critical to create a brand that stands out from the crowd. With Apple, you don’t just purchase a computer or a phone, with IKEA, you don’t just buy a chair or a table...
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The Critical Role of Branding in B2B

The origin of brand management traces back to the world of consumer packaged goods. However, since its inception, many of the concepts of brand management (and the foundation of brand strategy) have applied effectively to other B2C and B2B businesses.…
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Focusing Your Brand Portfolio

Simply defined, a brand portfolio is the collection of brands owned by a company. Often for big companies, more and more brands will be created to reach more and more audiences. While targeting more audiences sounds like a great way to build…
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