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Mitch Duckler’s Speaking Topics

Below are some of Mitch’s most frequent speaking topics.

Building an Indispensable Brand

An indispensable brand is one that customers truly cannot live without. Building them should be the goal of every marketer, yet precious few manage to achieve this lofty objective. In this presentation, Mitch provides a blue print for creating…

Move from Invisible to Invaluable

The percentage of consumers willing to endorse any given brand—including their favorite—as “differentiated” is at an all-time low. If you were to remove your brand name from your marketing collateral—while leaving every other

Best Practices in Brand Architecture

Is the structure and organization of your brand portfolio unclear or confusing to customers? Does it contain brands that overlap and essentially compete with one another? Are brands within your portfolio inconsistently or illogically linked…

Developing a Growth Strategy

When it comes to driving growth, most brand managers struggle with how far they can (and should) stretch their brands’ “bounds of extendibility.” Play it too safe and the likely result will be close-in, ho-hum line extensions that underwhelm…

Brand-first Digital Activation

When it comes to digital activation, many marketers who are otherwise strategic and disciplined tend to resort to execution that is “strategy-light.”They defer to so-called best practices, industry norms and copycat tactics that may or may…

Brand-building in the World of B2B

Branding is as important in B2B as it is in B2C. According to market research, branding is the #1 strategic priority and area of emphasis for marketing executives, ahead of product development, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Resurgence of the Corporate Brand

Todays’ consumers, led by Millennials, care as much about the companies behind the products and services they purchase as they do the offerings themselves. Even CPG giants like SC Johnson, The Coca-Cola Company, and Hershey’s

From Customer to Brand Experience

Brand experiences are interactions so impactful and uniquely identifiable to a particular company, they essentially define the brand in customers’ minds, distinguish it from competitors, and favorably influence future behaviors.


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